For the Term of His Natural Life

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When they are rescued, Frere denounces Dawes, out of jealousy. Dawes is returned to prison.

For the Term of His Natural Life

Five years later, Sylvia and Frere are engaged to be married in Hobart. John Rex, now recaptured, stands trial, but Frere lies and saves him from the gallows, fearing that Sarah Purfoy — now a successful innkeeper — will reveal his own debauchery. John Rex and the notorious cannibal Gabbett lead another escape, aided by Sarah. Rex finally returns to England, where he impersonates the long-lost Richard Devine. Rufus Dawes is transferred to Norfolk Island, where Frere eventually succeeds in breaking his spirit.

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The Rev. North finally confesses his secret to Dawes — he saw the murder of Lord Bellasis 19 years earlier in England and kept quiet about it, because of his own peccadilloes. They kiss on a life raft, as currents carry them towards land.

Port Arthur Convict Tramway (segment from For The Term of His Natural Life, 1927)

For the Term of His Natural Life was an epic production — more expensive and ambitious than anything made in the silent era in Australia and symbolic of the tensions within the industry. The problem was that it was always intended to be more than that. The original director, Raymond Longford , was asked to step aside for Norman Dawn, a Hollywood director who had come to Australia to make scenic travelogues.

Dawn was an expert in special effects, action and working in difficult locations, such as Alaska, but he was no match for Longford in direction of actors or the subtle mechanics of storytelling. They wanted a picture that American distributors would buy, because it had an American director — albeit one who was certainly not of the first rank.

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Whether the film would have succeeded in the US without this is hard to say. It was old-fashioned even for , in terms of story and acting style.


The best directors in Hollywood were producing infinitely more subtle work — which may have been why Norman Dawn was making polar adventures in Alaska and travelogues in Australia in the first place. Clarke was a journalist on the Melbourne Argus , a well-respected newspaper when he joined it in , at the age of A Little Princess.

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Please login or sign up below in order to leave a review. This book was an enthralling story, but certainly not hopeless. It contained the thread of goodness of Rufus Dawes throughout the evil of a wrongful conviction, and the ultimate triumph and satisfaction of truth, even in tragedy. Upvote 0 Downvote 0.

For the Term of His Natural Life

I recently finished reading this book too and while it is very bleak I was enthralled as to the way of life back then and the attitudes towards anyone on the outside of society. It is still true today in every country. A well written book and worth the read. I know it seems wrong to influence somebody to not to read a book but i cant help myself from giving this review.

It is the only story which when i read ,caused me a depression of 3,4 days as its so tragic,hopeless.

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I just wanted to notify my expressions about this book to anybody who might wish to read this story so that he might not feel the shock that i felt. It made me feel as if there is no good end of hardships of life and Justice of GOD sometimes is not manifested clearly in the world but ofcourse,its my personal opinion,everybody has his own views.

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