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Et oui, je vais continuer! I am reading your book for the fourth time, and each time I understand a little more. I will go on re- reading it till I really have come to a point where I cant get any further.

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I cant thank you enough for writing it and making this extraordinarily beautiful universe, giant and tiny, something I can glimpse dimly. Thank you so much! So, a question — if Gravity is not a force that pulls things down, why do things fall down a spacetime curve. What makes them move rather than stay put?

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This has been bothering me for months, so I really look forward to your answer! And thank you again for writing for people like me! Dear Ileana, Many thanks for your kind message! About your question: the definition of a force may be a bit tricky. Fundamentally, you could think, as of today, that the 3 quantized forces can be described as a force carrier exchange, whereas gravity is the consequence of spacetime curvature.

That being said, they are all a force, in the sense that they all have an effect on whatever lies around and is responsive to it. Now if one manages to quantize gravity, then the four forces may one day bear no such conceptual difference anymore. That is so kind of you to reply, and that will certainly help when I read the book for the 5th time… What are you going to write next? What I am going to write next is a well kept secret… That being said, from your name and email address, I gather you are Greek. If interested to attend one of them, let me know.

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I will be in Greece touring villas on the islands, so it would be amazing luck if I were in Athens at the same time. Do please put me on your list. Your next fictional island for star gazing should be a Greek one…. Cordialement Julien. Hi Christophe.. I am puzzled though about the size of the known universe.

We are at the centre of the known universe and we can detect light coming to us from up to If we look in the opposite direction and find the same thing, does this imply that the universe could be up to 2 x Hi Ross, Many thanks for your question.

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So it is Now what you say is true: looking at two directly opposite points in the night sky means receiving light that has been emitted from points that are at least Note that I am talking about a distance here, not a time. And that is the key point. That being said, this leads to a puzzle: if opposite points in the night sky have never been in contact, how come do they look so similar? One of the putative answer is the introduction of the cosmic inflation era, which I actually describe in the book! All best, Christophe Galfard. Hi Christophe. Cheers, a little bit of mental gymnastics and I got there.

Now another wee poser for me. Strings are nothing, therefore I assume that their existence has been assumed via logic according to the theory of strings. However, an entity which is neither energy or matter? Merci simplement! Dans ce cas cela pose encore la question de la limite, mais est ce concevable un univers fini?

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Dans quoi baignerait il? There is however one point I keep going back to as I am having difficulty with the analogy used. On page 85 you use the guitar string analogy yet the stretching of the string does not increase its length, it increases its tension which results in a higher pitch i. On the other hand the expanding stretching universe I understand will increase the wavelength and therefore lower the frequency pitch thus causing the red shift rather than increasing the frequency as you state. Hello John, Many thanks for your kind words and your question.

You are not being dumb at all! My analogy may be a bit tricky, I grant you that… Still, that is what happens. First, about the stretching: when one stretches a guitar string, the length of the string does not increase between the pegs, but it does overall. Now, in outer space, the fabric is space time, so it is different. And expansion makes it stretch, increasing the wavelengths. Higher-pitch, for a guitar, is due to the pegs. They keep the length of the string fixed, and its ends too. So instead of stretching the waves, there are more waves, with smaller wavelength. In space, there are no fixed ends, so the waves just get stretched, the wavelengths become larger, and light is shifted towards the red.

To summarize: you are right, and got it right. Sorry if I used a confusing analogy and many thanks for asking. All the best, Christophe. Hi Christophe many thanks for your fast response to my question. I appreciate the clarification and look forward to learning more as I explore the remaining chapters.

Merci pour tout. Bonjour Jean-Paul, Merci pour votre message! La transition entre classique et quantique est encore mal connue et comprise. Since the intellect and the mind of any human being is limited, how can one get confidence about the knowledge one gains from using the intellect. I mean, when a scientist develops an hypothesis using his mind,which is limited, and test it using technology and our senses, which is still more limited, how can one be happy with the knowledge we gain here as the knowledge is not fully accurate, limited, and could be fully wrong also?

Hello Anand, You should have more confidence in our own abilities as a species! Not being perfect does not mean being inaccurate. All best! I was hoping you might comment on entanglement and spooky particles, but maybe in your next book! But the mass of the proton and neutron would barely change.

Good morning Mike and thank you very much for your kind comment and questions! And the answer is actually the same for all of them. So if there is energy, there is mass, and the binding energy of the massless gluons accounts for a lot of what we call our mass. Quarks are not massless. Donc il y aurait une limite physique entre ces deux lois. La transition Newton-Einstein est bien comprise, mais pas la transition Quantique-Newton.

Bref, un excellent bouquin. Au contraire. Il ou elle , tombe. How do we know the acceleration of this expansion is caused by Dark Energy and not a Centrifugal force? Could it be possible that the big bang was a rotating explosion?


Everything in the universe seems to rotate, why not the whole universe as well? In my mind it seems like the centrifugal force, though fictional, could equally explain the increased acceleration as galaxies move farther apart. Hi Dan, and thank you for your question! It so happens that there is a radiation that bathes the entire visible universe, remnant of the moment in its past when it became transparent.

That radiation, called the Cosmic Microwave Background, is extraordinarily identical whichever direction you look at in the night sky, from anywhere on Earth.


Had there been a rotation, this radiation would be affected by it and we would see it. So if there is one, it is minute. But we do not believe we are at that center. The expansion and its acceleration seems to be happening wherever you are, whether on Earth or far away.

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If you want to learn more about these things and many others , may I suggest you have a look at my book, The Universe in Your Hand, which was just published? In any case again, I hope this helps! Hello Christophe, Many thanks for your quick reply and the new food for thought. It seems incredible that every galaxy can be moving away from every other galaxy everywhere. This is difficult to visualize. However, to clarify my thought, I was picturing the universe rotating around its own center, not the universe rotating around us Earth.

More like a rotating expanding balloon.