Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves

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Joined Feb 21, Hmm, i found my POWs to be squishmittens to be honest. They are gortex lines and ive never had troubles with moisture getting in. Joined Mar 18, I prefer matches What do you guys think about these? Celtek Misty Glove - Men's from Dogfunk. Joined Apr 24, I dont know much about celtek i havent really seen them down here , but those look like snow sponges with rubber grips on the palm.

Glove Yourself: Design Your Own Pair of Custom Fit Leather Gloves: In New York, New York

Weird about the pow gloves getting wet, did you use the waterproofing that comes with it? The upper end pow gloves have goretex and come with nikwax waterproofing as well. Well I figured the grippy palm would keep out the water and I don't have to really worry about the backside because theyre just goin to be for some June spring riding so it will just be slush snow anyways. Any gloves you guys woul recommend around that price?

Grays Skinful Hockey Gloves

Really depends on what exactly you're after. I know a lot of guys who ride with thin pipe gloves for spring, which are literally just a skin over their hand. They aren't very waterproof though. Personally I just use thinner winter gloves and deal with the little bit of sweat but it's a personal preference thing.

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Do you prefer the thin skin style spring gloves or a more winter style glove but just really thin? I use two gloves for spring and I swap between them depending on what I feel like. It's not so much about waterproofing or keeping warm, more just the glove I wear when it's really hot spring weather and I don't want to grab my board with bare hands. Yeah the high 5s are a pretty solid glove. I tried my friend's pair on and they feel nice, they'll probably be the next spring gloves I try whenever mine wear out. Alrite thanks for the help man ill get those.

Join the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. Recommended Reading. Read More. I am looking into buying a new helmet. My current is a simple out of. No boa, definitely no MIPS.

The Best Touchscreen Gloves

Outerwear and Accessories. How is the fit between the 2? They also sell a foam version on their website of these gloves for bagwork.

Many MMA guys use this for training. These new custom models have been said to be exceptionally high-quality and made to rival Winning, Grant, Rival, and Reyes. Di Nardo is the real deal. Absolute works of art in the form of boxing gloves. These are such beautiful gloves, you have to see them in person to really appreciate. Most other high-end gloves are simply standard boxing gloves but with better materials and craftsmanship. Di Nardo gloves however are a completely revamped take on boxing gloves, re-imagined and improved in everyway. They are structurally superior to anything on the market and far more beautiful aesthetically.

What else do you expect from an Italian craftsman? Probably not the best quality but much cheaper than the big names. Some are filled with foam; some have a horsehair blend. They go up to 12oz and can also be found on sale for less! For bagwork, many women do prefer to train in lighter gloves, like 12oz. Women below lbs are probably better with 12oz gloves. I was hoping to support new brands like Machina and Society Nine for making boxing gloves specifically designed for women. Some will prefer to train in 12oz for bagwork.

Top-rated glove for women. Reyes is a top quality brand, already known for its smaller fit. And of course, the top-padded brand in boxing. Laces has more support. This ultimate bargain glove is a favorite for female boxers as well. You can spar and hit the bag in this. Nice gloves, good quality with a custom fit. Highly recommended for women.

An old man gave a boxing lesson to a young man

Di Nardo is wayyyyy better than Grant. Quality glove at a great price. Good quality leather and good cushion for sparring and bagwork.

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  • Many women like Twins for their smaller hand fit. A functional starting glove for women, beginners, or anybody on a budget. There was probably more variety when I started boxing back in The quality was a lot higher and prices a lot lower.

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    You might have a hundred more brands now thanks to the rising popularity of MMA and hundreds of different flashy colors and designs. But the reality is America and Mexico are the most obvious for their rich boxing tradition. Thailand has this advantage too, but more specialized for Muay Thai kickboxing rather than boxing. The best American gloves from the old days were made by true craftsman who spent an entire day making one pair, preparing the leather and padding in the most precise ways, and creating each glove with pride. Knowledge of the fight game was their greatest asset.

    Old-school American gloves were made to last. Mexico in the meanwhile, stayed cheap enough to produce their products locally. Their brands retained more of their original quality, passing on the knowledge of glove-making from one generation to the next. You can trust all reputable Mexican brands to be tested by the toughest and most aggressive boxing style on the planet.

    Evolve MMA | Student of the Month: 41-year-old Henry Liew

    Their glove shape supports your hand and wrist in a way that other gloves do not. Unfortunately for consumers, their traditional way of hand-working and demand for quality meant a less industrialized process and smaller production runs. Japan has not only a rich boxing tradition but also a culture for perfection and advanced technology.

    Expensive high-tech gloves from an expensive high-tech country—of course!