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Better to see it than me write it. Just separate the number being multiplied by 11 in this case, also 11 so that there's room for your number in-between. That gives you The slide it in-between the 5 and 8 and you get But, that's not right, since you need to carry that one over. Go ahead and carry it over and you'll end up with This base method uses the powers of 10 tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.

Again, much better to see what I am saying then trying to read it. Here's an example of multiplying two, two-digit numbers a base of hundreds. Then he cross-adds one set of numbers either pair would work to get the first number of the answer.

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So, that'd be the first part of the answer. Now multiply the two smaller numbers x to get the second part of the answer. So, that makes the answer This same method works for any base of ten.

You can see this at around the mark in the video. The cool thing about math is watching how seemingly impossible combinations seem to walk out perfectly in the end.

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By doing certain operations, you can turn wildly complex equations into simple, step-by-step solutions. Using the Vertical and Crosswise Pattern, we can easily multiply large two-digit numbers like the one pictured below. First, we multiply vertically up the right side. So, 8 will be the last digit in our answer. Next, we cross-multiply. Carry over the 1 like you normally would, and you are left with 0 , which will go in front of the 8 we already have. Lastly, we vertically multiply up the left side.

Place that in the front of our answer line and we get If you're more of a visual learner that really hates numbers, you can also go all Japanese on them and substitute those digits for lines, like YouTuber kimelicious does. I'm not going to explain this one—just watch and you'll see. There are some really amazing math tricks using Vedic-style mathematics, so be sure to watch the full video to get a firmer grasp on it and start using it in your everyday life. Does that work with problems that ends with 0 at the end of the answer? Just wondering. I just want to learn the new way to do math.

Multiplying by Twelve (12) with Factors 1 to 12 ( Questions) (A)

Then add them together! Students have to remember a lot of numbers when looking at a multiplication chart. Prodigy can help you teach multiplication charts, assign specific questions and track how students are doing in real time — at no cost!

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The game keeps students engaged with content through an exciting story and loads of features. Reports can then tell you which topics students are struggling with. Prodigy creates a personalized learning experience for every student, so they can practice the skills they have trouble with. This allows all students to learn at their own pace. Meanwhile, from the teacher dashboard, you can create assignments and practice tests, view statistics, and plan lessons. Prodigy is a free tool for educators and will remain free — forever!

In this game, students race against the clock to complete as many equations as possible. Supply students with a worksheet that has several columns of equations. For example, one column will only have the four multiplication table while the next has the seven multiplication table.

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Once every student has a worksheet, give them a countdown of 60 seconds to answer 20 questions. Then have students tally up their answers to see how they did. This exercise is just for fun, but adding an incentive — like crowning a class champion — can get students more interested in the activity. Try to do this activity a couple of times a week. Eventually, students will have no trouble filling out entire columns of questions correctly in less than 60 seconds! Try this free table race template in your class! This game can be played as a class or in groups.

Bingo sheets will have the solutions to multiplication chart equations in a five-by-five grid. You can fill out these charts yourself, or have students create their own bingo sheets to get them a little more involved. Now, use dice or a random number generator to get your equations. Students then solve the equations to get the numbers on their bingo cards. If students are working in groups, have them write down the equations so you can check their work.

For dice, roll a pair of them and add the values to get the first number. Then roll the pair of dice again and add the values together to get the number to multiply by.

Trachtenberg method for multiplying by 12…19

For the random number generator, randomize two numbers from and use them for the equation to solve. Once students have solved the equation they can check their bingo sheet to see if the value is there. This is a great way to get students to think critically and avoid simple memorization of multiplication tables in list form.

This game creates a class competition to see who can complete their multiplication tables the quickest — and more importantly, the most accurate. Shuffle up the entire multiplication chart and have students compete to see who can answer questions the fastest. The trick is, as soon as a student answers a question wrong, their climb is over.

Create a visual board for students to look at with a picture of a mountain. Students will love competing to reach the top. Make an event of this game. Students can answer questions at the front of the class to try for the mountaintop title. Students will be excited to compete and showcase their skills. Multiplication is one of the most common forms of math that we encounter every day. Learning the basic multiplication chart is essential for young students.

It will help them throughout their educational career and their daily lives. Use our free printable multiplication chart in your classroom to teach your students how to do simple multiplication quickly and flawlessly. Our list of tips and games makes multiplication easy and fun. Ryan is a Junior Content Writer at Prodigy. Your email address will not be published. Loved by more than , teachers and 30 million students, Prodigy is the world's most engaging math game and platform.

And it's free for everyone. Keep up with our blog's research-backed advice by signing up for your Prodigy account now! Printable multiplication chart We have two multiplication charts available for your class — one for reference and one blank template for students to complete themselves.

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