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Heinrich, Tobias , Leben lesen. Zur Theorie der Biographie um Renata T.

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Herrmann, Leonhard und Silke Horstkotte , Gegenwartsliteratur. Ingebrigtsen, Espen , Bisse ins Sacktuch. Sebald Helen Finch. Kuzniar, Alice A. Lennox, Sara , ed. McGlothlin, Erin and Jennifer M. Kapczynski , eds.

Mildorf, Jarmila and Till Kinzel , eds. Feedback, questions or accessibility issues: webmaster uwpress. Kapczynski Heinrich, Tobias , Leben lesen.

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In our second workshop, we intend to broach the question of how methodological and systemic difficulties can be made productive by examining the concept of the present and the contemporary. This allows for openings towards other disciplines which are equally challenged by their engagement with the present and the contemporary. This includes history, as well as historically oriented philology and education studies, also theatre and media studies — we welcome contributions from these as well as adjacent fields of research.

We would be delighted to welcome you here in Frankfurt for a conversation about the above-mentioned topics.

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Questions we are particularly interested in include:. KONF: What is the contemporary in contemporary literature? Date: 9 — Falls ja: Wann beginnt die Gegenwartsliteratur? Falls nein: welche methodischen und systematischen Folgen ergeben sich aus der Problematisierung des Begriffs?

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Welche weiteren Disziplinen sollten herangezogen werden? If so, when does contemporary literature begin? If not, what kinds of methodological and systemic consequences arise from a problematisation of this concept? Interdisciplinarity: Are literary studies alone able to investigate the question of contemporary litera-ture in sufficient depth or is this inevitably an interdisciplinary project?

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Should social history and sociology contribute pivotal input and which other disciplines might be helpful to include? Mediality: Digital reading situations lend new emphasis to ideas, such as simultaneity, diachronism and synchronism, in the reception of texts. History of genres: Which shape and form of literature is privileged by contemporary literature? Which constellations of highbrow and lowbrow, of emerging forms of popularity can be observed? Is there a growing distinction between shorter forms and great novels?

Which consequences arise for contemporary literature when considering these questions?

Proust-Ausgaben im Suhrkamp Verlag ". From April , Johannes Endres attended the biennial conference of the international Friedrich Schlegel-Gesellschaft in Luxemburg, where he delivered a talk on "Ein romantischer Laokoon? Schlegels Wende zum Bild". Zu wissenschaftlich-kuenstlerischen Konzepten von Animation. Ein Buch des Andenkens fuer ihre Freunde". The Fall Craig Lecture. The conference centered on the theme of "Capitals" against the backdrop of New York City, a global, financial, and cultural capital.

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Meike G. Werner's essay, entitled "'Deutschland und die Welt'. Kosmopolitische Orientierung im nationalen Kontext. Weimar am Vorabend des Ersten Weltkriegs, ed.

  • Reconstructing the Past: History in the Mass Media 1890–2005;
  • Edited By Goethe Society of India, Chitra Harshvardhan, Rekha Rajan and Madhu Sahni.
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Franziska Bomski, Hellmut Th. Seemann and Thorsten Valk. Buerger's essay includes the edition of an unpublished letter of Jahnn to Werner Helwig.

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Seong Eun Kim. Nicholas Vaszonyi. Christoph Zeller's essay on Georg Klein's media aesthetic appeared n Carsten Gansel's and Elisabeth Hermann's volume on developments in contemporary German literature and media: "Hypermedium Literatur. The Raabe-Jahrbuch pp. Curtis Maughan and Jeffrey L. Artistic and Political Legacies , ed. Jeffrey L. High and Sophia Clark. In the most recent volume of the 'Morphomata' series Johannes Endres investigates the 'economics of suicide' for Friedrich Hoelderlin's "Empedocles" dramas and tracks back the 'birth of metaphor' to the self-murder of the character of the author'.

Essays in honour of Nicholas Boyle.