The Kingdom of Darkness

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Impure spirits, you showed me the way And now my blood becomes the key I open this last gate The Gate to the Kingdom of Darkness. Black wind of the dead Inflamed my eyes to red My brothers, wolves, servants of the night They came from the forest.

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Burning eyes among the Darkness Jaws thirsty for the blood, raised to moon Hired, longing and fear This is the last night and the dawn will never come Curse me, my brothers Because I lead you to death Salvation for mayhemed souls Souls of sons of the night in wolves bodies. We've been always and we'll be forever Tonight we'll die and the next night we will come from beyond the gates of Kingdom of Darkness.

Gods of Darkness, awoken by our sacrifice Beast of gloom, spirits of fear Triumph of unlife's Powers Banners of the dead smeared in blood! Where did that thought come from? I always tell you to look away from yourself — to Jesus. But you listen to Satan. Instead of looking up to Jesus, you keep looking down at yourself — looking within , examining yourself! I have known people who do this endlessly.

Nothing I say can persuade them to stop looking within themselves. Nothing I say can persuade them to look away to Jesus and leave it there, in the hands of Jesus! Instead, I was thinking in circles They are looking for an inner experience, like Nirvana, which they think they can obtain by learning more. This is really a form of magic.

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It keeps a person in perpetual deception. Away with it! Where did it come from? From Satan! I told her to believe in Jesus — to trust Jesus!


He is the Spirit of God. What does the Spirit of God do in the work of salvation? The first work of the Spirit of God is to convict you of sin.

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You are not a Christian, yet. Until you feel convicted of the sin of your heart you will not make any progress at all. None at all! Many people think conviction is feeling sorry for yourself. But that is not conviction at all. Conviction is the awareness that you are a sinner and that you deserve to be punished for your sinful heart and mind.

I am doomed! I am wretched! I deserve the wrath of God! It was too terrible to witness or to acknowledge.

Ruler of the Kingdom of Darkness

All the while the Holy Spirit came down All my words and actions had absolutely no value in the sight of a holy God. I had nothing to offer God. Nothing to clear my record. The Holy Spirit convinced me thoroughly of my desperate need for Jesus, my need for His Blood and righteousness to cover all my sin. Hymers, in the inquiry room, said that I must only trust Jesus and Him alone. No one else and nothing else Now the Gospel seemed clear to me Now Jesus was in front of me!

Now the Saviour was willing to take me in His arms! How could I hold on to my sin and not look to Jesus, the One who loved my soul?

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I went to the waiting Saviour! I did not wait to experience any feeling. I did not wait to listen to the lies of Satan. I knew I needed Jesus then and there. I must not wait I had to go to [Jesus] for cleansing from sin.

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  • So I went to Him! He took me and cleansed me The thoughts of finding self-assurance were long gone. Jesus became my assurance and hope. Jesus took away my He cleansed my record There is only one thing left for me to say. Will you trust Jesus and be cleansed from your sin by His Blood? Chan, please lead us in prayer.


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